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Volkswagen Passat 8 launch

JAD Events
  • Client VW
  • Date 26-11-2014

The goal was set to introduce 8th generation of Volkswagen Passat for the Czech market – convey the technical parameters and innovation of the car into emotional presentation.

VW is known for its quality of German engineering – being the best selling brand of cars in EU is a shining proof of that. As such, it has an outstanding reputation to uphold with every new model. We were briefed to introduce the 8th generation in modern style, merging history,art and science.

“The idea is not live forever, it is to create something that will” is a saying from Andy Warhol,who we picked as an inspiration for the unveiling of the latest Passat, that we feel, lives up to this quote.


In the venue lobby we placed all 7 previous generation of Passat, to remind the crowd of the journey that this car made over the 30 years. When the guest walk in, the atmosphere shifted towards future. Receiving blue drink, as they continued in the mystically lit venue with black boxes  hiding the cars.

Japanese dance group ENRA showed stunning combination of video mapping and dancing, celebrating Warhol genius – not many know he was one of the pioneers of computer-generated art. At the same time, Warhol paintings are one of the most expensive ever sold. We reminded of this fact by video mapping them on dresses and car itself. Fashion show was conducted on tablet app by eccentric designer, with futuristic czech fashion models portraying individual car attributes.

Dance show for the grand unveiling embodied the evolution of the car model by model. As the guest were slowly losing attention, we grabbed it right back when dancing flash mob emerged from staff.


The client evaluated the event as one of the most successful in their history. Initial sales of the cars new model surpassed the expectations and the photos from the event were shared natively on social media. We put together unique combination of art and future in a carefully thought-out concept, that was well executed and perceived by our client as matching to his premium line of vehicles.