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O2 Elasticom 2016

JAD Events
  • Client O2
  • Date 05-04-2016

O2 as the biggest Czech telco corporation is often labeled as dull and boring. Our task was to produce event targeting top management clients, partners & media to prove the opposite and show the client as the company broadly focused on adaptability and innovations in all fields of business and life.

Elasticom – Visionary Summit of Life & Business, was futuristic convention, presenting world experts from the fastest evolving industries, which influence not only the Europe, but whole world. We targeted C level management of most influential corporations, as well as media houses. Our goal was to bring scientific topics and breakthroughs into the spotlight, while promoting O2 as industry innovate leader.


We split the summit into 3 thematic clusters. Body & Mind, Internet & Social, Science & Innovation. Resolution was to invite top local & international professionals from very diverse industries to present panels and discussions within most current and most evolving topics that influence Central European region. Both from the perspective of business & life. Our goal was to connect the leaders and executives and remind them that most powerful tool in trade is innovation. To use diversity as source of creativity, that would resonate not just within the summit, but whole O2 organization and its client network. That way we were able to present Charles Elachi, the director of NASA JPL, who talked about the complexity of transporting the Curiosity rover to Mars, Jon Matonis, founder of Bitcoin foundation, who opened the topic of crypto-currencies or Michal Carvan with his most advanced water filter on planet and explanation of how to make drinkable water from the most polluted sources, and many others.

Target audience

We invited 300 most influential executives and leaders from the O2 customer base. Launched specific Facebook site, FB Event site, Elasticom microsite and started Twitter communication under O2 Business network. Following after the event, we broadcasted 6 episode TV series created during the summit with the speakers, reaching millions of people. We also produced an modern & artistic 74 pages magazine ELASTICOM, that was distributed to the participants week after the summit.


Focusing on value didn’t stop us from choosing the best venue in the country and building unique elastic stage that held together by tension and stress – subconsciously reminding the audience the beauty of elasticity and fact that without the science and math behind it, you can stretch too thin and break. We placed working water filter in the hall, offering everybody a glass of water freshly made from manure slurry or opportunity to check out the most ecologic combustion engine car from VW.


We made sure there are no distractions, any promotional materials and/or flyers, no abrupt logos and strictly no sales materials. Event was build to promote not only innovation, but interaction. We provided rest for the brain and the eyes with the dance openers and art acts illustration for every upcoming theme cluster and topped of the event with after party where the visitors could further discuss with speakers, and of course, have an opportunity to talk about business a bit. Audience loved choice of the speakers and “non-selling” inspirational & educ. concept of the summit. Client highly appreciated the value of the summit, improving business relationships, fulfilling the role of innovative leader and decided to continue and made this project annual happening.