Metropole Zlicin – Seasonal shows

JAD Events
  • Client Metropole Zličín
  • Date 24-05-2016

Metropole Zličín is one of the biggest and most popular shopping centers in Czech Republic capital, Prague. One of the reasons, why Metropole is ahead of their competitors is our cooperation – during the year, we work together on special events – shopping seasons, anniversaries, openings of new shops and cross promotional events.

Metropole Filmová Stylová - creative meeting

Metropole Zličín fashion show - build up

Metropole filmová stylová 2013

Metropole Zličín - STREET DANCE Fashion Show - 26.3.2011

Metropole Zličín - Flower Power Fashion show, 10.3. 2012

Magická módní přehlídka Metropole Zličín - 2.4.2014

Metropole Zličín - Glow Show - sestříh z akce - 16.11.2015

FASHION SHOW 12.11. 2011 Metropole Zličín

Metropole Zličín - Módní přehlídka 13.1.2013

To nejlepší z módní přehlídky Metropole Světová - 25.11.2014