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Reebok Yoga Sensation 2015

JAD Events
  • Client Reebok
  • Date 21-06-2015

We decided to hold this event in the O2 Arena, the biggest multipurpose arena in Prague, which we filled with sets resembling the Prague skyline, to give the venue an urban feel. Participants had 10 lessons on a main stage with various yoga guides and styles with mood music, light design, a space motif on the main stage or one of the three smaller yoga workshop studios, with a side program focused on new trends in yoga. During the breaks everyone had the chance to show off the power of their mind and their flexibility in the Reebok Challenge – a laser vault that gave out a free pair of sneakers for anyone who made it to the end undetected. We made urban chill zones, filled with watermelons, grass, benches and ambient lightning and live tricks, all tied together with a “tree of wishes” where guests posted their aspirations and positive messages, hoping to make a better world. The analog Polaroid photo corner was a surprising hit, while the live Instagram wall did the trick for the young crowd as it spread the event outside of the arena.


The most challenging part involved coordinating the light and sound design for the whole day, not only for a few short shows as usual, all accompanied by live orchestra music with a piano custom-made for the event. The laser vault made yoga a little more competitive and engaging, appealing to a younger customer base willing to show their prowess. The Instagram wall with a live stream for hashtag #reeboksensation helped us reach outside the arena, yet the analog Polaroid photos were the biggest hit.

Besides the main yoga program, we also produced a huge opening act with more than 50 dancers and performers, an acrobatics show, live singer performance and orchestra. The attractions and zones were arranged in a circle so when the crowd decided to get lunch, the traffic was neatly organized around the edges of the arena. Event planning and preparation took three months.


With the new logo and delta symbol in 2013 came the repositioning of the Reebok brand. Second instance of Reebok Yoga Sensation was a mean to embed Reebok in consumer minds as a dedicated fitness company. Comparing to the first RYS in 2014, we nearly doubled the number of attendees, and Reebok presence and influence in Yoga is rising fast. We almost doubled number of participants in “non-yoga market”, totaling 2400 participants. 40 renowned trainers, 50 musicians and artists got us coverage in 45 media, and the exit survey showed 98% satisfactory rate of participants, without any major complaint.