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Adidas SMMSS 2015

JAD Events
  • Client Adidas
  • Date 26-05-2015

5 days long, multinational conference was a mean to introduce Adidas & Reeboks latest strategies, products and campaigns for the next year. The attendees were employees and official resellers in EU.
The goal was to deliver an outstanding visual and highly professional presentation of 2015 marketing strategy for both brands – to put it simply, our work was to embody emotions and values connected with the new collections.
Underlying purpose of the event was to bring teams from 7 countries together to celebrate the brand success, reward outstanding teams and build the team spirit of the whole organization.


For this event we rebuilt tennis hall beyond recognition. Main stage was inclined, representing that both Reebok and Adidas are going to help their customers on the journey to the top, which we demonstrated by Reebok Olympics that took place directly on the stage.Running, climbing or flipping the truck tire upwards against each other in fierce competition just to celebrate victory, all associated with the brand values and keeping the audience engaged. We got them little scared when skilled bikers used the ramp to jump over people. From gear associated with Spartan race and ruff outdoor sports we went to playgrounds. Here we showed that the technology behind best shoes helping Lionel Messi or D Rose is available for everyone,not only superstars. We milked the superstar concept little further –Iconic Superstar shoes are connecting the brand with streets and culture, so we used products in street dance performance and casual use, ultimately showing that style and performance go hand in hand.

Overall guest satisfaction with the event


Used from budget


Goals reached


Rise in sales towards ADIDAS resellers


Positive energy and confidence was oozing into the conference hall both from performers and presenters. This powerful atmosphere directly increased the wholesales of the East-Central Europe region, despite the fact that other regions are facing stagnation, and even drops in sales.
We supported the Olomouc region by hiring more than 180 people, renting the halls and actually taking the managers and partners on a field trip to explore the sights and attractions of the city. According to client, this was the most original and entertaining conference on the Europe continent.