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We are

What exactly we can do for you?

We are all about making epic gigs / conferences / videos / event productions for clients with attitude and taste. We come up with a creative concept, get the right talents, build custom design stage, ensure the presence on social media and manage whole project on time and budget - and most importantly, with outstanding results. But don't take our word for it, check out the testimonials and our portfolio.

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It all started with one talented man, dream and hard work. Yemi A.D. started his journey as a dancer – and since he was good dancer, disciplined and hard working he was exceptionally difficult to miss. He winded up moderating his own music chart TV show pretty quickly. After he received his first award, commercial offers started rolling in. Soon enough he became a leading character of his generation. Choreographed & directed shows around the world and cooperated with many significant artists & brands like Kanye West, or adidas Originals. To be able to fully control the high quality of the creative outcome and fair conditions for his team, he founded JAD Productions, which became the leading creative & production company of central European region. Hit latest project #YNSPIROLOGY – youtube series will take you far behind the scenes of JAD Productions. This is the place where our clients (and competition, *wink* *wink*) can see what it really takes to make good, creative work and how to manage the most diverse teams. But life is not only about work and money and watching few episodes will tell you more about our true values & culture within our community.

Yemi A.D.


Marko BaćevićEIM & Project manager
Linda KrejčováSocial Specialist
Hana VětrovcováArt development & creative director
Conceptologist & creative soul above all. Sandra builds ideas for our clients and her main responsibility is to keep every project original and unique.
Matěj RichterVideo Production Manager
Matěj is managing the production of all videos.
Bára PapírníkováBooker & program coordinator
Bára manages our database of over 200 talents across the field of dance, theatre, sports & ethnical minorities. She produces castings for our clients & coordinate talents on set.
Ladislav DrahošVideo & Social
Ondra Andr3as BartosGraphic Designer & Art Director


So you want to do an epic event, or make a dope video for your campaign or an artist? Give us your goal and we'll design the most efficient strategy to achieve it with style & class.
This is the part the clients love about us the most - our killer creative concepts. We will provide you with a series of ideas and with your help we will tweak it into perfection.
Now it is time to make it. Don't you worry, we are doing this for a years - with our chain of suppliers you will get your thing ready on time and budget.
It is time to check back the results. We will deliver ``making of`` movie, photo report, statistics from the project along with the social media impact report.
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While the brand JAD goes back to 1999, where the first artistic group was formed, the JAD Productions started as a small crew of 3 people back in 2007. The key motives why to established JAD Productions was to raise the quality of the environment we worked in, control quality of execution of our creative concepts & fight against corrupted measures of the old school part of the industry. Since 2007 our company grows exponentially every year. Why? After the economical depression everyone realized that they can’t spend money where it does not matter. Tightened budgets for events and more demanding clients searching for new ways of approach paved our road to success. In one sentence – we were able to make a big bang with a small bank. Clients poured in so much, that we had the privilege to choose who to work with by the 2009. But we started as a creatives and we stay creatives, only today with 360° service standing on 3 main pillars: JAD EVENTS / JAD PEOPLE / JAD DIGITAL.

Czech Event Awards 2016

For the second time in a row we have reclaimed the overall first place of CEA! In addition to that, we placed first in every category we entered:

Czech Event Awards 2015

In 2015 JAD Production became absolute winner of CEA, national awards benchmarking the best local & international events produced by Czech companies. Awarded project was Engage 2014 NYC by Socialbakers.

European Event Awards 2015

EUBEA festival is multinational event competition, comparing the very best events on the planet. We brought home 1st place for the best European conference production at Engage 2015 by Socialbakers.

We do all sorts of things that involve creativity and production


Every project have to make sense to us, to you, to your guests and to your business. We’ll make sure it does. We grew big producing events from scratch. We poured heart and sweat into our work, made great things from small budgets. Why? Because we love our job.
Every company has it – that one thing making it special. For someone it is low price, for others size… and for us? Creativity. We ship concepts all round the world for the most significant names in business. Just check our references.
You can’t produce anything good without amazing people. Our advantage is in-house talent agency representing over 200 multi-ethnic talents across the fields of dance, theatre, music & joint dance school. We work with variety of creators – choreographers, live event directors, DJs, VJs, designers and more. We all each other well, therefore integrity of our team makes a significant difference when in a project.
Videos are the “thing” right now. Social media is all about moving pictures, so if you are doing anything you should make damn sure you have it video covered. Our crew has done it all – music videos, aftermovies, making offs, live streams or drone flyovers. We also offers services of our social media team that will be there to implement efficient strategy and deliver

Do you want your project looking something like this?

You should get in touch with us.
Who are we working for?


Our clients are typically requiring full-service creative production from the idea to the execution. That is our forté. Our customers are ranging from small businesses to biggest corporations on the planet – in other words if you need creative power in your project, we can probably help you – whether your budget is 1,000 or 10,000,000€. That is because we can do everything or just lend you some of our brilliant minds for your project. We have number of performers, dancers, singers, designers, web developers, DJ’s, VJ’s, animators and all other creative minds you can think off at our disposal.

JAD Productions je nejoceňovaňejší eventovou agenturou v České republice pro rok 2015! Gratulace k 3 prvním místům a hlavně k celkovému vítězství, EVENT ROKU 2015.

Marketing&MediaAdvertising magazine

#engage2015 je nejlépe zorganizovaná, nejlépe vypadající a nejvíc strhující konference, co kdy v Praze byla. Velká gratulace @socialbakers

FORBESČeská republika
Snap it, hashtag it #jadpro #jadpeople or #jaddc and post it on INSTAGRAM to see it here!




There is nothing more simple than writing us short email. Describe what needs to be done and we get back to you! Or you can just send us something nice you found on the internet the other day… either way, we are looking forward to hear from you.